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To see the affect of sex swapping along game levels, we premeditated gage players who have played with avatars of both genders, ignoring all other players who own avatars that ar of unity gender. This left the States with 1,386 players. Among those, we extracted butterfly knife case hardened stattrak the highest levels of their male person and female person avatars (arsenic they whitethorn own quintuple avatars with the Sami sex ). We then measured the level remainder between one's highest-level male person and female avatars, planned in Figure  9. For females (upper berth empanel ), their strongest female avatars' level tends to live somewhat high than that of their strongest male person avatars' level and frailty versa (lower empanel ), indicating that more players achieved the highest levels with their "straight" avatars. The peaks are close to zero, indicating that for umteen players the difference is rather instant.

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